A Grateful Heart

I woke up this morning feeling grateful about my life and everything God has done for me, then i began to wonder what if I did not have God in my life. Well for me I am speechless when it comes to talking about God. Sometime I feel we need to be more appreciative to God, because without him, your life would not be how it is right now. Good or Bad you still got to be grateful

I recently visited the UN in Geneva where I met some amazing people who changed my perception on life. We met with different organisations dealing with human rights, AIDS, refugees, the Red Cross etc. As the week progressed i began to think how selfless people could be. These people put the lives of others first and fighting for their rights, truly humanitarian. If more people in the world began to think less about them selves and more about people, even people just around them, won’t the world be a better place. however we are all engrossed in ourselves and take for granted the privileges we have. 

Spending the week in Geneva has been amazing. It’s been great to meet such selfless people who look beyond their needs to attend to the suffering of others. This world is in so much chaos, Its impossible to start listing but we all can do something to help. the week has truly opened my eyes and i should not complain about my life because to be honest i have it easy and my life is great. So many people suffering and dying everyday. you have a shelter over your head, food to eat, drink safe water, loved ones around you, you can move about without fear of being shot, access to the internet, transportation, if that is not enough to be grateful well I don’t know what else is.

So this is just a Grateful Heart saying thanks. 

God bless xxImage


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