Be The Love You Seek

tumblr_mcxzmj965a1rcgms9o1_500  We all have our dream man or woman, that one person we have imagined to spend our future with. That perfect someone for us. The question is do you match the requirements you set out for others?.  I have heard of people’s list of their special someone and am thinking you are not even half of what you seek.  You can not be selfish and you both have to deserve each other. You can’t be expecting to find someone rich but you are not ambitious or have any goals or plans for your life, just wanting to live off someone else. That is just using someone.

Yes, I do have a list, what girl doesn’t lool. I bet some of you guys also have your checklist. however the list is just because of him but to check myself as well, I am the love I seek, obviously, I can not be everything on my list, because then I won’t need him, he is just to fill up the qualities I am not, which will make me appreciate him. I am quite stubborn so balance out someone who is quite mellow, can’t have two stubborn heads, we will just collide.  You should complete your other half, not be a vacuum in their life.

Be the love you seek also has to do with people around you, your friends and family. Be the friend you seek, you can not be a gossiper and expect trustworthy friends, usually, birds of the same feathers flock together. You can not demand respect if you do not give respect. You can not expect people to be nice to you if you are not. Show empathy and be open to others. Yes, people will do you wrong, but no one is perfect. You can not let what someone did to you stop you from showing love to others. This world needs more people to show love. Love comes with respect, truth, loyalty, trust, and more hugs 🙂

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