Relationship Deal Breakers

dealbreakerI was listening to The Sota Show on Fresh of the Boat Radio and the topic was relationship deal breakers, for those that do not know  it is “An issue within a relationship that constitutes one partner breaking up with the other. Note that they do not need to be a “good” reason by society’s standards, but are specific and individual to each relationship” heard a few interesting deal breakers, so complied a list also added a few of my own:

  1.  Cheating- this is the number one deal breaker, but however some people are forgiving when  their boy/girlfriend cheats but when it repeats itself or there is no remorse. You are meant to be faithful and loyal to each other. if you don’t want to be with the person any more  just end the relationship rather than cheat. 
  2. Flirts too much- especially in my presence that is disrespectful
  3. Abuse- physically, mentally, emotional or publically
  4. Disregards my feelings and discourages me- does not respect me and puts me down in public or when it is just us, and he does not appreciate anything I do, instead of pushing me, he pulls me down
  5. A Virgin – yes to some guys they can not date a virgin. They feel a girl should have some “experience”
  6. You cant be a man- The guy can not speak for himself, he has no back bone aka mama’s boy
  7. No future- A non ambitious person is non attractive in my eyes. You have to know where you are going, have targets and goals. You don’t have to have everything but you know where you’re headed, because you are leading me and I can not follow blindly.
  8. Long Distance- Some couples can not cope in a long distance relationship, it is a lot of effort and you got to be willing to make it work
  9. Materialistic/gold digger – buy me this, buy me that, pay for my bills, always asking for more and never satified
  10. Ability not to be able to deal with flaws- nobody is perfect but when you are unable to deal with your other half’s flaws
  11. Lack of trust -if from the onset you don’t trust who you are with, the relationship will not go far
  12. Getting tired of each other- being with each other all the time, moving in together, you don’t have time for yourself
  13. No time for each other – on the other hand, not having enough time for each other
  14. Only one giver in the relationship- If I am the only one pushing the relationship, it takes two. After a while one can get tired, if you are always the giving emotionally, staying in communication, sometimes financially
  15. Too possessive/ showing too much concern – there is a thin line between the two so one has to be careful so it does not turn into something else
  16. Controlling- I can not date a guy that will dictate everything i do, say, wear and eat. I can ask of your opinions but you can not control me
  17. Sex- yes to some this is a deal breaker
  18. Nagging – woman nag, we are known for that, but when it gets too much. also when men nag and complain that is a deal breaker.I agree with this, a guy that nags or complains or always negative about life becomes less attractive
  19. You are no longer attracted to them/ falling out of love and interest – losing your feelings can be a deal breaker which you can “fix” if you find why you like them in the first place, when you first fell in love
  20. When they become a physco- start stalking you, must know your whereabouts, goes through your phone, start policing you
  21. Sometimes race as well, have heard of couples breaking up because their parents didn’t like the fact they were not the same race, sadly not everyone has looked past colour of the skin
  22. Religion
  23. Class- this is more society’s reasons and usually involves 3rd parties. ” you can not date him, he has no background, he is a nobody”

There are more and everyone’s experiences and reasons are different. If you got any deal breakers, comment and share. Would love to read what you guys think.

here is the podcast for the show:

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