My First Job (Interview)


I was back in Derby after a week of being back from Nigeria and was just getting my room ready for Next Semester. I went out the previous day giving out my CVs to different shops hoping one would call me. As I was about to step out, my phone began to ring, a number I didn’t recognise  I picked up the call and it was from Nando’s, they wanted me to come for an interview the following Tuesday.  I put the phone down but could not believe it. I literally just gave in my CV the day before and to be honest was not counting on them to call me, but hey God works wonders.

The next question was what am I going to wear? lool obviously first impressions counts as I have been taught from secondary school. I wasn’t sure what to wear and called one of my friends that worked in Nandos for advice, did a bit of research about the company. My interview was on the 18th September at 10 am  I remember because I went to Uni that day to enrol for my 2nd year.

That’s what I wore for my interview, not too smart, not too casual.

a black blazer from a drifted store in America, a peach top from new look, black skirt from h& m, tights and my black shoes from new look.

I was about 15 mins early for my interview, eager I guess lool. I met with the manager and she was really nice and made me feel comfortable, I just kept smiling during the interview, which lasted about 10-15 mins. After the interview, she said I would get a call about 4pm letting me know if I have a trial shift-i would work a shift to see how I will cope with the work, which after determined whether I get the job or not. I said thanks and was on my way to uni.

It got to 4pm, no call, 4:05, nothing, 4:15, still nothing. was starting to feel down, a friend then promised to buy me McDonald’s, so hopped into his car and was on our way, got to the drive-thru, my phone started to ring, the same number, my heart was beating, told him to turn down the volume.

“hello its Kerry from Nandos”


“would just like you to know we would like you to do a trial shift”

“really thanks”

“yes hun, is tuesday evening ok for you”

(had to head back to northampton and wouldnt be back till thursday)

” erm i wont be around”

” alrite hun, is friday ok 5-8″

“yes thats perfect”

“ok see you next Friday, just wear black jeans and comfortable black shoes”

“ok thank you, see you”

ended the call with the biggest grin on my face. I was hungry before but hunger left the building. I was so happy I forgot what I wanted to order from McDonalds and just left lool.

Just drove back home and my friend (bless him) drove me all the way back to Northampton. Now it was how I was going to tell my mum. Luckily she was travelling so I had plenty of time.

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