Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year 🙂 yaaay we made it into 2013. I thank God. 2012 is over, it had been a good year, but this year will be happy-new-year-2013greater. I am quite excited for this year, I dont know why, but I have got 12 months to figure it out lool.

Before the end of every year, a lot of us including myself make this statement “new year, new me”, but before you say that, do you look back and see what changes you have made. There can never be a new you, only a changed you. It should be ‘New Year, A More Improved Me or A Better Me.’ You can only get better within yourself, you cant completely change yourself to be totally new. Therefore use the opportunities this year to be better, wiser, stronger, more in control, show more love, be happy, get closer to God, launch out in areas you have being wanting to, be bolder.

To make the year 2013 go more the way you want: make  goals and targets for yourself, make it realistic there is no point in planning for something that will never happen, just because it sounds good to the ear. For you to achieve what you set out for, you have to be determined, focussed and motivated, even if it looks like its not working, you gotta to push, dont give up on yourself. I have set myself goals for this year and even if possible have a plan of action, even if you dont know, have an idea. It doesnt mean do not be opened minded and enjoy opportunities that come your way, please do, you only have one life. For every action there is always a reaction, whether good or bad and we just have to learn to live with whatever happens.

Ways to set Goals: Finance, Health, Spiritually, Business,Family/Relationships and Education. Also add a time frame if you can. It doesn’t have to be something massive..take it step by step.

Control your day, Manage your life.

Some of my Goals for 2013:

  • Pass my driving test  before my birthday April 29th (I havent even started lessons yet,)
  • Be consistent with this blog ( I have a problem with consistency)
  • do not neglect my friends
  • drink more water at least once a day
  • Save for a car
  • Learn to say No!!

Some of my goals I have already started from last year, I have joined the gym, just need to be more active, I drink more water, I would have done my theory test, but just had some set backs, so hopefully this month.

Just want you all to have a fantastic year.

Love Olamide xxx

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