After Church Photoshoot

After church service, we wanted to have a photoshoot lool because we are cool like that. So  here are the pictures with me and my people in Sheffield.

By Lastborn Photography

if you want your pictures taken for affordable prices, get in touch.

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582372_216341358503301_751187361_n 150629_216341505169953_518201338_n 304522_216341595169944_383759764_n 582438_216341638503273_1210905170_n 13604_216341721836598_827461243_n 842_216341751836595_488808916_n 397631_216341895169914_1805871189_n 545123_216341935169910_1672838723_n 734172_216342388503198_441950691_n 303577_216342508503186_769292257_n 431269_216341838503253_629058291_n

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  1. 😀 you just picked up this idea from my brain yh? loool was gonna write about it after my essay! lets make #lastbornPHOTOGRAPHY popular hehe xx


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