Who Am I?

I am Olamide Chrizzy%28_%29%281%29

I am God’s Child

I am  a Nigerian

I am someone’s  daughter, sister, niece, student, and friend

I am someone’s smile, love and life

I am omo mummy (mummy’s girl)

I am imperfectly perfect

I laugh, cry, shout, get confused, angry, can be silly, caring, sweet

I easily get upset over the littlest things

I encourage but sometimes lose courage

I can be mature but am still a baby at heart

I love to listen and to be listened to

I might not have a mind of a genius, but I make my knowledge applicable

I worry so much about what people think and worry less about what is good for me

I wish always to live a life pleasing to God holy and acceptable but I do struggle with sin

I am human I yearn to be loved and to love

IMG1721I know I am more than what I can see  but my weakness hinders me from who I want to be

My life is not perfect but I would not have it any other way

You only see the Me I want you to see but there is so much more

So as I discover more of myself everyday,who I am is not who I used to be.


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