What’s your excuse?

407146_253345034739615_244756005598518_561235_1154077133_nSo today at work, I was just walking around, clearing tables and then i went past one table and the customer calls me back, I was
thinking ooh he just needs something but the most amazing thing happened. He asked me if i was a a believer, i said yes, a born again, yes, I go to church, yes and he goes wonderful.He goes on to say Jesus loves me and I shouldn’t look so gloomy, I should smile and that its beautiful also give thanks.(I thought i was looking happy but was not feeling too goo) he goes on to tell me about himself that his name is Philip and he is a cancer patient and that I should keep him in my prayers and he asked my name and he will also be praying for me. He said all this with the biggest smile on his face.I felt so touched and enlightened. I continued the rest of my shift smiling.

Firstly I say thank God for using him to show me I should be thankful in every situation. We go through life complaining about this and that, but there are people out there who have it way worse. We are so ungrateful. Waking up in the morning is a thank you, having food to eat is a thank you, even if not all of you is well, but you still have life that is more than a thank you. For someone who is dealing with a terminal illness and still full of life( he looks like he was in his 50’s-60s) compared to me that have nothing wrong with expect a bad dry cough, what is my excuse for not giving thanks to God. This man is clearly enjoying everyday of his life and sharing light to those he meets and I am so grateful for meeting him. I would actually would have loved to talk to him more but obviously I couldn’t, but oh well. He will definitely be in my prayers.

I would like you to reflect on yourself, your life, family and friends, your past, present and even your future and tell me one good reason why you should not be thankful. I challenge you, if you do, let me know. If its just to say thank you God once a day with a humble heart, that’s enough. Just wanted to share this with you today.

thanksgivingHope you are having a lovely weekend and have a great Sunday.

Be blessed and be a blessing.

2 thoughts on “What’s your excuse?

Add yours

  1. This is very inspiring and I cannot but comment. God uses us in so many ways.. As God as used that man to enlighten you, He has also used you to bless and inspired someone like me today..

    God increase and bless you.


  2. You are so right. We sometimes forget that we should be grateful to God no matter how little our blessings seem because someone somewhere has it worse


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