Hey guys :)

heeey :), I realised I havent blogged in a while and thats quite bad, I think. You probably didnt notice. I wont even give the excuse of being busy. Anyways let me catch you guys up with whats being going on with me.

Firstly I quit the gym this month because I noticed I was hardly going, so was wasting my money, so just cancelled it for this month, hopefully will get back into next month. Still trying to figure out even if gyming is for me or just plain lazy (probably the second one). I have a plan doe. Basically am turning 20 in 12 weeks (april 29th, keep it in your diary) and am planning to drop some pounds and get fit by then, is it possible???? Now that is the question. I am going to re-join the gym next month and get things rolling, I feel if I have a target, am more able to reach my goal. When I re-join the gym will let you guys know and how am doing. Trying to figure out a way am going to do it, if anyone wants to help me out, holla 🙂

Glad to let you know I have started my driving lesson, somebody shout HALLELUJAH!! lool about time, since I was 18, oh well never too late, its going alright, few bumps here and there but proud to say I havent crashed the car (fingers crossed i wont) Its also good to have someone on the side to also teach, if they can. I have actually done my theory test but failed it by  ONE POINT!!!!!!! 😦 *sigh, need to learn my road signs. I will hopefully get it done next month and pass in Jesus name :D.

As you know am in my 2nd year of uni, me and a couple of my friends have been looking for a house for  next year. OMG it is so damn stressful I am not gonna lie. My advice know what you want, know your budget, know who you wanna live it (very important) and do your research very well, try to find a bills inclusive (less hassle, fights and break outs). If you found a house in first or second year, stick to it if you can, dont wanna be moving around, its long. We found our house last week Thank God coz I was almost giving up. Looking forward to living with 3 fantastic girls next year.

hmmmm what else……ooh my valentine’s day kinda sucked loool but that was partly my fault, but I did have a valentine close to my heart even though far away, you know who you are ;), but hope you guys had a great valentine and weekend, and remember love is just not for a day, but should be shown everyday in everyway.

thats my little catch up, will be posting more soonish, have an awesome week, mwaaaaah 🙂


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  1. This is so coooool…. you know why i am saying this, if you can recognise who this is. By the way keep it up


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