Only Child Syndrome

Everyone believes as an only child,  you are spoilt silly, you are stubborn, you get what you want, when you want, and things tend to go your way,  and you got an attitude, I would like to dispute this. Ok I can say am stubborn sometimes and I sometimes get my way, but it is not exactly easy. I do work to get what I want. Being an only child, you got a lot more to prove than someone with siblings I believe, because if you dont make it, no one is around. It is not all rosy. Only Child Syndrome is quite negative toward us only-childonly children.

My parents got separated at an early stage of their marriage, which made me my mum’s only child. I have half sisters from my dad’s side, but might as well be the only one. I love being mummy’s girl but every once in a while there comes that time I wish I had an older brother or sister. there is nothing better than having your own blood to talk to, believe me I know. sometimes I feel no one really understands me like someone who has been there your whole life or at least part of it. People try to feel this void for me but they come and go and it doesn’t really work out, because there is a connection between their siblings I could never get. Bottom line I actually dont like being an only child but God has his reasons, there are people that would go crazy at that statement and would say they wanna trade places with me. Being an only child is so lonely and boring, and it aint what it cut out to be. Some people will probably disagree with this, but this is my opinion and would also say give the only child a break, it aint all as good as it seems, but I guess being one makes me part of who I am today. I pray everyday to repay my mum for everything she has done and she is doing, she is AMAZIIIIIIING!!!!

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