Half or Step?

This conversation happened a couple of weeks back during a break of one of my lectures. I cant really remember how it came up. I think I was talking about my half sisters, and before I knew it, I was being attacked that it is step and not half. This argument went on for about 20 minutes and got a bit intense smh. I was just having a conversation with a friend on twitter and the same topic came up.

Having siblings outside your biologically parents makes them your step siblings, whether or not one of your parent is involved somehow, but my argument is that, half is blood related by one parent and step is related by marriage. There is a difference between them. I have 3 half sisters and I would never refer to them as my step because they are my dad’s girls, also I have step siblings and will only refer to them as step because they didnt come from my mum or dad. Maybe its just me and every family is different.

It might be hard to accept that your parent has other kids, but nothing you can do about it, just dont shut the kids out well if they dont deserve it, because some can drive one crazy, but still got to show love.  To be honest I was surprised when I found out I have an older half sister, which I have wanted for so long but I havent met her and hope someday I do. She has a family of her own now and am even an aunt :).

This is just a random post, just raising a point. Peace x

4 thoughts on “Half or Step?

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  1. your sisters are not step cause you have half blood so their your half sisters however if ur step mum had kids before she met your dad their classed as step simply because their only your step mums kids and not your dad,


  2. I tots agree , I have a half brother and I will never call him my step brother. Definition of step siblings is that they are not related to you. Half siblings come from one of your bioiological parents. So yh your right boo 😊


  3. You are definitely right about the definitions of being a half sibling or a step sibling. I bet if i was at the argument i would have ‘won’!!! lets just say i can be very ‘persuasive’. To me, my half sister is just like my full blooded sister so i dont even care that we dont share the two parents, it just means that there are parts of her life that i wasnt there and i do feel like i could have protected her and it would have made us all the more closer. I love this blog though!


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