Are you Ready for Uni? Are you sure??

Some of you will just be getting your confirmation of getting into university. First of all congratulations :D, hopefully you got the university of your choice and the course you want. If that is not the cause it is not the end of the world,  so do not give up trust me. There are other available options for you for example clearing, call up the universities, have your grades with you and the course you want to apply for, you will need to be patience and stay hopeful. Wish you luck :). If you did not get into your first choice (i didnt) and you got your insurance be thankful because YOU ARE GOING TO UNI!!!!!! I did not get into my first choice, they even delayed their response to me kmt, which held me back from accepting my insurance and getting myself ready to sort out accommodation etc.  Before I continue blabbing on, am just want to give some tips. I may have to break it down into parts.

Before you start  IMAG0172

You have been confirmed a place, well done. Now to get ready. If you are like me you might have been getting ready weeks before results came up because you know no matter what you are going. Before I begin, I hope you have sorted out your student finance because you do not want to leave that till last minute, your money will not come on time.  That out of the way. Hopefully most of you visited your uni on an open day and got to see it for yourself, if you did not I suggest you make a visit to the place, just to have a feel and think if its somewhere you see yourself staying for 3/4 years.  I made a list of things I may need in Uni and I found this out by researching (i love to) but I will help you out and put down the essentials.


Remember to bring something to eat on your first night, or you can order food.

  • pots
  • frying pan
  • utensils
  • rice cooker
  • food stuff: do some food shopping before you come or raid the house
  • Indomie- you will thank me later
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Baked beans
  • Chopping Knives
  • Plates
  • Cups
  • Plastic tubs
  • Seasoning
  • cooking oil
  • Cereal – Breakfast is important
  • cling film/ foil
  • bin bags
  • washing up liquid
  • mum’s recipes


  • sheets
  • duvet/duvet cover
  • pillows/pillow case
  • blanket
  • lauduary basket
  • alarm clock- dont want to be waking up late for lectures and its easy to snooze the one on your phone
  • hot water bottle – girls much needed
  • desk lamp- if you want
  • posters/ pictures- make your room feel homely, you will be spending some time there.
  • svsucloudjpg-27b83ce190aa4ee6extension leads
  • if you are getting a new laptop- try to get the lightest one you can find
  • printer and ink- days you dont have money to print in the library
  • iron
  • a small bin
  • notebooks/pens

So those are the essentials that you will need and as time goes on am sure you will figure out what else is you want. I do not have to tell you to things you need/use everyday such as  clothes( a mix of outfits), your phone, important documents such as driving license if you have one, NI card, debit or credit cards. It will also help if you got a railway card, 1/3 off, if you are with Natwest you can get one for free, just need to show your letter confirming your place. If not you can order from this link its £30 for a year or £70 for 3 yrs, these things just go up each year.
There is another part to this but will put it in another post. Let me know how you are getting prepared. I was pretty excited but also scared at the same time. I am a mummy’s girl so leaving home and my friends was not cool, glad to say I did not cry when my mum dropped me or my first night, but it is perfectly fine if you do and if you dont….dont worry your time will come lool.

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