Guess who’s back??

Guess who’s back, back back , back again, again, again, Lamide is back back back, tell your friends friends friends (you got to sing it) Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, wow its been  months since I last posted on there, since march *covered face* I should be ashamed. I cant even give any excuses. Let me just give you some quick updates. I successfully completed my second year and will be starting third year in a few weeks * yikes* excited I suppose. I finally passed my theory test so unto taking my practical hopefully soon, still need to book it but damn these things are expensive but oh yea…Lamide on the road soon watch out :D. I went on holiday in June for like four days to Italy with my girls, beautiful city, lovely people, weird how we got getting starri_m_backed at, felt like we were the tourist attraction lool. I had a portrait done as well but I dont think it looks like me but might put it up and you can judge.

Shout out congratulations to everyone that has finished this year and graduated definitely set the bar for us.  My cousin being one, proud of my munchkin too bad she’s gone back…we have had too many memories together in the last three years. Also to those getting into University today, your hard work and God’s grace paid off.  Enjoy every moment, will do a post about what to expect and what you should have to help you get prepared about the uni life. So excited. I remembered when I was waiting for mine, I did not sleep, kept refreshing UCAS every hour, but thank God I am where I am today. I am typing this with so much excitement and I have no idea why. oooh I have also got a new Job yipeeee starting soon. I am now trying to get ready for my third year, yes I know its weeks away but its never too late and gosh dissertations cant be leaving that to last minute, one thing I am going to hate…..have told you I can be lazy but trying to change that and be more productive this year.  I am also president


of the Nigerian Society (responsibilities 😥 ) got to balance my life next year.

Sorry about the chattiness but have caught you up so up, will hopefully be posting more soon xxx

 does it look like me?  >>>>>>>>>

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