Surviving University

Everyone’s experience is different in uni depending on how one’s mindset is before going and what you expectations are. I will say this now be opened minded.

I am not an expert, all what is on here is through my short experience so far and if any one have questions I can not answer, I will conduct the ogas at the top.  Just some short tips to help with the first few weeks.

  1. Finding the right church is important and if you got a branch of your church where you are going check it out and dont feel conformed to stay in the first church you enter unless you feel yes this is it. your spirituality life is important and going to a church where you feel your spirit is being feed and not your flesh would benefit you.
  2. Student Loan as enticing as it is. Be smart with your money. When the first loan drops try not to get too excited. Pay your rent if that’s what you are using for and use the rest wisely. I would advice to get a job if needs be but DO NOT let it become priority over your education. Money is not everything. I got a Job so I could lessen the burden on my mum and am glad I did but I don’t allow it to affect my studies.
  3. When you start, everyone wants to be friends with everyone. which is normal, you are new, but dont get too attached too quickly. Try to get to know your new circle of friends before becoming BFFs. I made this mistake in 1st year and it still haunts me till today but hey we all make mistakes. Its what you do with those mistakes that defines you. Also don’t neglect your friends back home. true1358801107
  4. As I might have mentioned before I changed my course after first year, if you feel the course you are doing is not right for you, talk to someone about it, dont suffer in silence. Remember you got another two years of it, so if you want to change, speak to someone in your uni and find out what you need to do.
  5. Get to know the smart students in your course and keep them close, and try to figure your learning style.
  6. When it comes to living with people, if you are a clean person, I hope you have prayed for some good housemates. You are gonna need a lot of patience and tolerance, but don’t be afraid to address an issue if needs be.

One more thing, being in university you discover more about yourself because you dont have mummy or daddy watching you. So its freedom at its highest and you can do whatever you want, however do not let this get to your head. My mum always tells me “remember the child of who you are” not only am I her only daughter therefore can not disappoint but I am the child of the Most High, this keeps me centered. I am not going to lie, you might end up doing some things you might regret, i know i have, but that is life. You just have to get on with it.

With all the boring bits said, Remember to have fun. be sociable, Join Societies, Get involved, Relate with people outside your circle, be confident and most important keep your business to yourself.

I wish you all fantastic years of uni, enjoy it!!!! 😀

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