It’s not late to say Happy New Year :D

We are still in January so it’s alright to say happy new year everyone lol, hope this year has been going well and we are sticking to our new year’s resolution, if you have already fallen off track just pick yourself back up, dust yourself off and start again.

2013 was an interesting year, bitter/ sweet but I thank God for the lessons learnt and opportunities I came across. I definitely learnt more about myself and the importance of family and friends.  I opened myself to a lot of nonsense last year and will not be happening this year, but have learnt from my mistakes and moving on with life. The way you handle situations shows the type of person you are and sometimes you just got to hold your head high and know God has got this.  If you are in Uni, make sure you focus in your 2nd year and just do what you go to do.

2014 guys yaaaay. This year looks good. I finish my degree in May, I thank Jehovah. Am turning 21 in April. After uni finishes, decisions on what the next steps are need to be made. I have quite a few options laid out for me, wont bore you with the details, but can say Master’s is not in the picture this year. I am even trying to avoid it but people keep saying I should do it. I think am academically lazy to be honest lol, but if it comes to it I will do it no doubt.

Right now I am focussing on my dissertation and trying to get it done by March, finish my other modules by April and celebrate finishing uni and my 21st. Planning to use this summer to work and save up money for Nigeria to do my NYSC. For those that dont know what it means, I will be going to Nigeria for a year and “serving” the country, working within the community for a year. I do not have to do it, but if I am to go back to Nigeria to work, it is compulsory to have it done. So saving myself the wahala (trouble).

As you notice I do not write much during school term, this term will be the same. Am still trying to figure out what this blog will be about, if there is anything you want me to blog about, just leave a comment or email me, hopefully soon will be to be consistent with this.

Hope you have a wonderful year and enjoy every moment, take chances, get a stranger smiling, love bigger, laugh louder, and pick yourself from from every fall, share happiness all around, be active, just have fun with this year.

Stay blessed xxx


2 thoughts on “It’s not late to say Happy New Year :D

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  1. Hi,
    you seem to me a pretty decent writer. your post is constructive, inspiring and gives one the feeling that life is simple if you make the simple decisions. Keep it up and I must admit I have become a fan of your blog; since I now somehow look forward to the next piece.
    cheers and Best Wishes!!! Happy New Year .


  2. I agree with the last comment. It seems you have mastered the art of using your words to spread love, life and cheer. I really appreciate what reading your blog did to my spirit. God bless you and be with you. May this year bring in more things to rejoice about in your life. Keep it up.


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