Tackling Insecurity

We live in a generation filled with very insecure people and it is actually very sad. I am insecure, very insecure, just to put it out there. tumblr_m5aiyhK5da1rqsju9I am insecure about myself, people around me, my future and it is not a good feeling at all. We were actually talking about this in church some weeks back and after church, I could not stop thinking about it. I just want to first start with why are we so insecure.

Insecurity is when you are unhappy with yourself and lack the confidence and trust in yourself, low self-esteem in other words. I will use myself as an example here. I am insecure about my body which is typical because most of us are not happy with the way we look. I think the people to blame in this one is society and the media, it will take a lot of effort to feel totally comfortable with yourself and who you are, however, the media has painted this picture in our heads of what is perfect and what is not, which we tend to follow consciously and unconsciously. We need to make healthy choices in life to benefit ourselves and learn to love ourselves the way we are. The healing starts from within. You are fearfully and wonderfully made 🙂

Sometimes I see myself as a people pleaser and it is usually trying to please the wrong people and that’s insecurity. There are times I may have been treated unfairly or should have spoken up about a certain matter but I keep quiet due to the fact I did not want to lose friends. That is a major insecurity which I am dealing with, and finding a way to overcome.  Everyone craves love, you can deny it all you want but we all need to be loved, it comes second to breathing. Thank God for his love.  There may be certain friendships or relationships we know we should not be in but because we are scared of being alone or not getting loved back, we stay in such relationships instead of acting up or speaking out.  If you are getting treated anyhow please do not suffer in silence, it kills the soul, know your worth and be confident to know you are a wonderful human being and should not take nonsense from anyone if your friends stop speaking to you, good riddance to bad rubbish if they are good people they would want to make the relationship. It is better said than done, it is definitely a challenge on my part but I am putting my game face on this year, to speak up when I am uncomfortable rather than it eat me on the inside.

Another issue with insecurity is when you start taking it out on other people. just because you are not happy with your life or the way things are going for you, does not mean you should take it out on others or become a bully. if you are uncomfortable with the way things are going in your life, get up and do something about it instead of moaning about it.  My walk with God has been going in a circle for a couple of years and that was something that was eating me up inside, but at end crossover service into 2014, I made a promise to myself and to God to make a change, it was not instant and it is still taking work but I know God got me and as long as my heart is working in loving him, I know he will keep working on me. even if I fall whilst trying to get back up, the important thing is I still try to get back up.

Hope this has helped someone, Insecurity is such a battle at times, but if you are willing to deal with your insecurities and take a chance to change your mindset, you will see a difference. so take a chance today and address your insecurities. Remember it will not take one day, but gradually things will start will work together for you.

Stay blessed xx

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  1. Well written piece. very factual, articulate and a real source of concern. One thing I respect about your writing is the sincerity in which you write; I could almost feel your thoughts reading through this piece. Keep it coming and keep fighting the temptations and insecurity (with time, discipline and dedication you would win this war).
    I am glad and it is such a privilege that I stumbled upon your writing earlier this year; because it is deep, real and very sincere IMO. stay cool and Best wishes. P.S- if they are real friends they would like you for who you are and enhance your being a better person. Get rid of them if they are all about the parties, Vera Wang and BS. no time!!!


  2. BTW … if the picture I sight up there is what you represent … then believe you me , you are beautiful just the way you are. Beauty is how you feel and how you present yourself … Perception is reality.


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