Would you date yourself?

2013-1004-Take-yourself-on-a-date-300x300Are you date able? some of us have got some attitude problems that it makes it impossible to date you, even if you are in a relationship it might not last so long. One question is would you want to date yourself? what makes you likeable apart from the physical side of things, but is it your personality, your ambition, your charm, your kindness, your wit, your caring side.

the picture we have of our significant other is so good, but are you preparing yourself to meet the person we picture for ourselves. for example, you may say you want a Godly man or woman but are you Godly, are you taking your time to know God better, to develop a better relationship with God.

you want someone ambitious and yet you have no future goals or plans. One thing that can put me off about a guy is someone who does not know what they want from life, you do not need to know how to get there but at least you should have a sense of purpose, or at least trying to find what makes you passionate in life, your passion is your purpose.

If you are not willing to compromise or be given in the relationship, that could be a problem. When I say compromise I do not mean lower your standards and allow someone to walk over you, but you got to know when to give in and when to put your head up. It is TWO people in a relationship, both of you need to work together and be ready to commit.

You want someone stylish, fashionable and fit but you are there stuffing your face with cake, come on…light attracts light. You can not be expecting someone you are not willing to work for. You have to to be able to date yourself to see what is it about you that does not look good. High maintenance people seriously need to look at themselves twice, if you can not ask your own father for it, do not put your burden upon someone else’s child that you are not even married to.

So ask yourself again, are you dateable?? take a look at your list, (i know you got one) and see if you match up to your own list, and if you do not, there is a problem. Let God work on you and write your love story. it will be the greatest thing that will ever happen to you, I promise.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and Happy Valentine’s Day. Be the Love you wanna see in the world. Stay Blessed xx


2 thoughts on “Would you date yourself?

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  1. my life right now is a testament to that comment “Let God work on you and write your love story. it will be the greatest thing that will ever to you, I promise.” Please dont stop writing……

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  2. This is awesome….Only the title is enough. But, you went beyond the title to communicate with the mind. Now, to intensify the thought…..would you REALLY date yourself?. Thanks for this.

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