I forgive you

“I forgive you”…. We say these words, but do we actually know what it means….?

Being hurt by someone you love and hold close to you is such a burden that can weigh you down for as long as you carry it. Even if you are to say you have forgiven that person, it can still be in your subconscious and should your mind ever wonder back to that memory the whole experience and the wealth of emotions that went it will come rushing back, and dwell in you again. I am the type of person who if you hurt me, I will not say anything, I will just watch you or carry on with the relationship as if all is well. But it will be eating me up inside, until there comes the straw that broke the camels back and I can’t take it any more and react when I shouldn’t. I usually take it to God in prayer to teach me to let go and forgive, but I don’t listen choosing to dwell on how much the person has hurt me. And any time that persons hurts or angers me I go back to that very first hurt they caused me.  Some hurt I have been able to let go of and some take some time.

I was just randomly going through videos on YouTube and the title of the video below caught my eye. The words pierced my heart because I needed to forgive and having a better understand of what forgiveness is actually made it easier. From the video I learnt, forgiveness is about letting go of the hurt, the pain,the betrayal,  the anger, the frustration, it is you releasing yourself from these burdens that can weigh you down, even destroy you, also  it is not really about the other person, but yourself being free within you. Anyone who may have hurt me I forgive you.  To anyone who I may have hurt, I am sorry. To anyone who needs to forgive someone today please do. Some people feel if they forgive, they are giving the person the upper hand, but really you choosing not  to forgive them is you giving them control over you. Stop carrying the burden of anger caused by hurt, or thinking of a way to get them back. You will feel so much  better  when you have truly forgiven them. It is ok if you need some space in the relationship for sometime, but I believe if its something that can be resolved in time the relationship will get better, if not that’s the end of their journey in your life  just let go and move on but make sure you have forgiven them. I decided to forgive my dad years ago and it felt so good, I didn’t realise how much it was holding me back. For you not to forgive someone could be holding you back from so much, just let go. Its easier said than done at times, so go to God in prayer and ask him to heal your heart, to teach you to forgive and allow him to do so. Apart from forgiving others, we need to forgive ourselves, we can’t turn back time, and what has happened has happened, just learn from it, but don’t hate yourself. Hating yourself or someone else is so exhausting and nobody’s got time for that. It takes away so much energy that you can be using for something else, so learn to forgive yourself. 

Since God is able to forgive us, why cant we?

Watch the video, hopefully it will help you as it has helped me.

Stay blessed xx

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