What I am doing during the Coronavirus Lockdown

To be able to stop the spread of COVID -19, there is a lockdown in most parts of the world. Living in England, we have been told to work from home and for some, this is going into the fourth week. 

I do have to say I am a homebody so this is not a struggle for me whatsoever. I am used to working from home as I previously worked three days from home, so there was not much adjustment for me. However, it is a different thing to love being at home and being told you can not go anywhere. 

I am writing about how I have been coping or keeping busy during this time.

Working from Home

We have a spare room in the house which has a desk, so I am able to convert it into my own working space. which has a screen that I can extend my laptop display to, and this is very convenient for me. However, if you do not have this you can work with your laptop or create a space that will allow you to stay focussed or keep you in that workspace mindset. I do take breaks for lunch and keep in touch with my colleagues. Nowadays, we catch up two to three times a week, and we do not just talk about work but have interactions of how life is right now for everyone. I have my notepad to list my plan for the day and anything else that may come up.  When my working hours are done, I step away from that room and I am done for the day. I do not step in unless there is a reason to. I love working from home and it is something I am looking forward to doing long term even after this crisis is over.


I went food shopping last Sunday and it was interesting to see how things have changed. Things are no more normal. We had to queue outside and be 6 feet away from each other, then as one person leaves, another can enter to avoid overcrowding. It did not take as long as I thought. I got in and bought everything I needed. Before the lockdown, my meal prep day was usually Sundays so I still stick to this.  I don’t necessarily cook on Sunday because I like my food as fresh as possible and the thought of cooking a week’s worth of food is daunting. 

To help me eat right and healthy for the week. 

  • I make a salad bowl – baby mixed leaf, grated carrots, sweetcorn, cucumber and tomatoes (sometimes add red onions). When I am ready to eat it I add garlic olive oil or balsamic vinegar
  • Cauliflower Rice – I buy whole cauliflower and I blend it, keep this in the freezer and substitute it in any dish that has rice. I do eat my occasional jollof rice, but this is what I have been eating most of the time. It does take some getting used to but I do not mind it now.  
  • A fruit bowl – this depends on my mood or what fruits I pick up – melon, mango, pineapple, kiwi, apple, grapes and strawberries 
  • Snack Bowl – this is usually what’s leftover from my salad bowl – carrot batons, cucumber and tomatoes ( I never used to like raw tomatoes and now I can’t seem to get enough of it)
  • Water – I challenged myself to drink more water from the beginning of March, to help I bought a 3.78L water bottle, yes that is a lot of water but surprisingly I drink that every day now, which has helped cut down the craving and snacking. I do not always fill it to 3.78 but I drink at least 2.5 to 3L every day 

I do have my snacks as well like crisps, sweets and ice cream, but I try not to eat a lot of them or limit it to the weekends. However, there have been days I have binged out and I just take those as my treat days as there is no shame in that. 


To be able to keep my mind and body as one, exercise is very key. I either go on walks to get some fresh air or do workouts from Youtube. Centr has a 6 weeks program which you can join as they are doing a 6 weeks free trial for their workout and meal plan. This is owned by Chris Hemsworth. I have also been trying to mediate and I use the CALM app to help me with this. Even though I am not consistent with it, I use it mostly when I feel the need for it. Centr has also partnered with CALM to offer this through their app. 

Other Activities

  • Social media – I took a long break from social media but I had to come back to just laugh and interact with people. I have also been loving the #dontrushchallenge
  • Courses –  I started learning new skills on Linkedin Learning and I started taking an online Event Management Course
  • Reading a book –  I am trying to read a book a month, so far I have completed January and February with no problem but March was a problem, reading Becoming was a pain for me to finish, so a friend recommended I download Audible and yes that has helped in listening to Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I miss reading so I am trying again this month with Everything is Fcked by Mark Manson. I love his first book I read so looking forward to this one 
  •  Creating content – I have a lot of time so I went back to blogging and also wrote a blog post for Blackxcellence, started podcasting again,  and venturing into creating content for social media. 

I am not consistent with everything written here but it helps to keep me on track and productive and prevents me from spending the whole day on Netflix as I did last Saturday. There is nothing wrong with that either but I am trying to do things in moderation. 

This is what I have been doing, in addition to praying and staying in the word.  How have you been coping? 

Do take care and keep safe xx 

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