Faith & Obedience

I recently watched “The Train” which is a movie about the life story of Mike Bamiloye. For those of you that grew up on Mount Zion movies, you will be familiar with his work. The movie was broken down to reflect the several chapters of his life. This post will focus on some of the lessons I picked up from the last chapters of the movie.

Looking at how he started, who he was before he met Christ. He was a mess. He was a kleptomaniac. This is one thing I love about God, he can turn the worst of situations into something that is marvelous and  brings Him glory always. You just need to surrender and be intentional about your relationship with Him. If you are finding it difficult to be consistent, set systems in place ( have reminders, set appointments). Let something prompt you till you no longer need to keep routine. 

Obedience is what it takes and that is something we find difficult or struggle with. I personally know that I struggle with obedience at times.  We tend to question our faith and wonder if we really heard from God. Obedience is a simple step we need to take. We activate our faith by walking in obedience. The greatest men and women in the bible obeyed. Yes they had struggles but God was with them and always came through for them. 

Faith and obedience work hand in hand, so choose faith over fear knowing God has worked it out. Isaiah 41:10 says ‘Do not be afraid for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged for I am your God’. What an assurance. God is only waiting for your obedience, but  you will need to take the first step and walk in faith by doing the actions He requires of you.  Don’t just say you will do it, just do it. 

After walking in faith and you do not know what to do next. Mike Bamiloye’s wife, Gloria gave him some great advice –  “Stop looking around for information and look to God for revelation”. Meaning we should look unto God for revelation and inspiration and when you do, God will equip you with the wisdom that you need.

Lastly, no matter what God’s purpose is for you, you will need people to help carry the vision. You need people believing and praying for you.  Even Moses wasn’t alone when God told him to save the Israelites from the Egyptians. He had his brother, Aaron.  You cannot achieve your purpose  alone, you need people. As long as you obey God’s instructions he will raise up people and resources on your behalf. This is a key reason why whoever you choose to marry should be God’s chosen one for you, as  their support and belief in you can make or break God’s vision for your life. 

Have a blessed day xx

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