Self Love = Self Care

This is the final part of the series, hope you have enjoyed reading it so far.

People say when you are in love, you tend to lose all sense of self and can be consumed by this other person because they are now in your world. This is why self-love is important. You need to take time to know and love yourself, it helps you mentally and you can recognise when you are being loved wrongly and address it or end it. I have moments where I do take time out to take care of myself by taking breaks mentally, staying away from social media, holidays or treating myself to a spa weekend or buying something that’s just for me without any justification for it. Self-love leads to self-care which can also heal you. You should also take the time to know the bad side of you, your weaknesses, character flaws, skills you do not have (maybe want to learn). The more you know yourself the better. This helps with emotional intelligence and in becoming the love you seek. If you love yourself how you want to be loved or put the same expectations on yourself on how you want to be treated you won’t take any less when someone offers a love that is less than to you. Don’t lower your standards but don’t overdo it either, there is a balance in everything. 

Allow yourself to be happy when love does find you and do not self-sabotage. I think that’s what scares me at times. When good and true love comes, will I recognise it or be too scared to embrace it because you think you do not deserve it or too good to be true. This means you are most likely waiting for the other shoe to drop, keeping your guard up so no one can tell you I told you so. You know what, everything in life is a risk and the biggest one of all is love. Telling yourself you do not want to take that risk, but what happens if you do and it ends up being the most amazing thing to happen to you. Allow yourself to be happy, you more than deserve it. 

Marriage is great when it is done right with the right person. Do not just marry someone because you think they are great, think about what you want for your life and see if they are aligned with it and your future aspirations., e. It’s about both of you, so their dreams and goals matter too –  (Amos 3 v 3). Did you know husbands are also to submit to their wives but people do not really talk about that read Ephesians 5v21-33.

Love is not 50/50. It is 100/100. It takes two to make it work and both have to be invested. When it comes to life and love, let God be your guide (Psalms 32 v 8)

Two people in love should value, respect and add to each other. After reading this, you might think my idea of love is unrealistic but I am hopeful, my love will find me one day and it will be beautiful. That is all I care about. Life is what you create it to be. Mine is peaceful, loving and beautiful. 

Love and Light xx 

If you have read the series this far, thank you, hope you enjoyed it, do leave a comment, what are your thoughts and opinions?

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